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Unrequited Love: How To Deal With A Woman Who Doesn't Love You Back

An unrequited love usually becomes a painful fact when the recurring thoughts towards the desired person cannot be stopped. Although it is not the most pleasant sensation of all, it is an experience that all human beings can live. When the person realizes that their love is not reciprocated, the sadness can be profound. Fortunately, each individual has internal resources to face the pain and continue drawing projects in his life.

Next, we will share a series of tips to overcome unrequited love and prevent discouragement from setting in. Every person who falls in love wants their love to be reciprocated. Otherwise, it negatively influences the subject. In fact, the researcher Vincent Guillem, in his book The Law of Love, noted that, even in relationships that are already established, correspondence is necessary , that love be mutual, because, if there is no requited love, none of both components will be happy.

Therefore, when a person falls in love with another, they expect the same thing to happen in return, being able to even imagine a future in their company. However, it doesn't always happen this way. When love is not reciprocated, then emotional discomfort begins, sadness, anger, nonacceptance of what happens, among others.

Some keys to overcome an unrequited love are the following:

1. Value your time

if you have already realized that that other person is not interested in you, then it is better to invest that time in something that is more useful . There are people who spend years waiting, because they believe that the other person is going to change their mind and unfortunately this does not always happen, which only translates into wasted time. Valuing time is valuing yourself.

2. It's just a moment

What you are feeling now is not the decisive story of your life. There are still many goals to conquer, new places to visit and things to discover. Do not allow the sadness of this moment to invade your entire present and ruin your future.

3. Dedicate yourself to a cause that fulfills you

Help other people, join an organization and work as a volunteer, get involved in another activity that distracts your mind. You will see how much satisfaction there is in being able to help others. With this exercise, the time of your life will gain value. Then you will realize that being locked in a room, crying, thinking about something unreal, was not the best thing you did in your life.

4. Imagine your future

How would you see yourself in 10 years if you never got out of this sadness? Wouldn't it be sad to see all the time you've lost and can't get back? Think that the time to be happy is now.

5. Do not idealize

Well , most of the things you think about that person are not even real, but idealized. That person is not as perfect as you have imagined and if you analyze carefully you will see that perhaps you have reasons to be grateful for having your freedom, having your time and your life.

6. Restrict communication

Avoid messages, calls, see your social networks, among others; the more you can distance yourself, the safer you will be. If you can't do it because it's someone very close, then limit the conversations to the topics that are strictly necessary.

7. Invest time with your friends and family

Since these are warm relationships in which you will get affection in return; surround yourself with people who really love you and value your feelings.

8. Love yourself

Come back to you. Inside you will find everything you need to be as happy as before. Recover your plans, plan new routes, trace projects, take training courses on what you love. Everything you need to be well, you already have.

Whether it's unrequited love, a job you couldn't find, or anything you couldn't get right now, remember that life always goes on , the stars keep shining, and the future is wide open with possibilities for you. Many things can disappoint you in life, some people will not be what you expect, that is, there will always be something that does not fit perfectly, but it is the drive and confidence in yourself that will take you to the next level. Don't let an idea become an obsession. An unrequited love is an experience that many people have lived at some point, only that, like a port, many other loves will come and fill your life with happiness. This fact does not define your entire existence.

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