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Do you know what ladies want in a relationship? 5 things ladies want in a relationship

We all have some kinds of specifications that we want in our man for a happy relationship. They just need some more efforts for the sake of the relationship. So, here are what women want in a man.

1. Women desire for a man whom they can respect and feel proud of. The man should possess a strong personality, integrity and intelligence who has an aim in life. They want someone whom they can show off.

2. A woman wants a man who will respect her, give her value and will listen to her opinions. When the man does something wrong then women want him to say sorry directly. Apart from that, they also want to get appreciated by their man.

3. Clarity Of Thought

Certainty translates to clarity, eventually. If you're certain about someone or something, you'll be clear about it in your thoughts, words and actions. Simply put, it will translate in your behavior. What is clarity? I feel the need to pose this question because a lot of times people are unclear… see what I did there? Being clear is about knowing the importance of a person in your life and making a point to show it to them, in any way you know. Sometimes, it requires talking it out; other times, it's more about doing something. When you're clear in your head about a person, you will instinctively show it.

4. An Innate Closeness

Being close can mean different things at different times. It's physical; it's emotional; it's also mental. But, were you to combine all three aspects, you reach a level of closeness that is transcendental. You don't need to be in the same room to feel that closeness. Yet, when you are in the same room, the energy between you is strong enough to interfere with anyone else in the same room. You want to be close, in every way. From eyeing her from across the room to holding her close, just because you can't seem to want it any other way that's just how close it gets. And that isn't even the closest you are.

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