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Two Major Weapons Of Seduction: Use These Tips To Win Her Heart

What man has never wanted to seduce a woman, to make her completely addicted? To make a woman fall in love? To make her crazy about him? And this, from the first appointment or the first meeting. It is quite natural to want a woman's attention and to simply want to attract a woman and seduce her. That of seduction which is a real living, moving and evolving art. Seducing is part of the transparent and unconscious skills that evolve throughout life.

The main objective of seduction is to arouse invitation, attraction and attraction towards oneself. The unique guide to seduction does not really exist because it varies and evolves according to time and geography. Many books, texts, articles, films and other productions of all kinds offer advice and are presented as explanatory manuals of seduction. In general, it is possible to easily identify different elements that play in seduction. These seductive processes can be divided into two main types: artifices and words.

Seduction by artifice

The artifices are the set of objects and means used to make its appearance more attractive, inviting, attractive and attractive. These artifices largely obey societal codes and to a certain extent personal tastes. For example, manipulating clothes to be attractive and show off the most beautiful parts of your body is the weapon of seduction par excellence of the classic masculine fatale that we can see in movies and novels. But this varies according to the culture in which you find yourself because, conversely, wearing modest clothes in some cultures arouses the attraction of women. Knowing how to embellish yourself and accentuate your handsomeness by choosing your clothes is certainly a good way to attract the attention of women. Taking care of one's clothing always reflects a certain self image. Appearance is the first visible and noticeable thing about a person. We don't see anything else. The first impression is fundamental. Appearance actually says a lot about yourself and your well being as well as how you take care of yourself and your body.

Seduction by words

Words are decisive in seduction. This is the active part of seduction. Show that you know how to make conversation, that you are sociable, that you are comfortable, interesting, that you have general knowledge and centers of interest, and above all, that you interested in her as much as in the world around us. The idea is to create fluid exchanges whether one on one or even when she is in the company of other people. The first time she says something to you is as important as the first time you say something to her, depending on the order of events. Talking about yourself is undoubtedly essential, but you must essentially show that you are sincerely interested in her. The ideal is to arrive at a discussion that would be like an exciting and endless game of ping pong. Each returns the ball to the other and knows how to bounce at the right time. And no one loses the ever bouncing ball of mutual interest and passion. It is therefore essential both to know how to listen to others and to nurture the conversation.

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