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Divorce Affair

True Story: How I Caught My Pastor's Wife Cheating At A Hotel

Hello, I want to share a story with you which has positioned me in a state of dilemma. I believe you and your noble audience can give me a solution.

There’s this coded hotel in my neighborhood that I love to lodge anytime I want to clear my head or change the environment. The place is lovely. I was there last week, minding my business, scrolling through my phone and taking fresh air from one of the corridors of the hotel.

I lifted my head briefly to check what’s going on around me. What I saw in that swift second sent chills down my spine. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I won’t lie to tarnish any names. I saw my Pastor’s wife and my Church’s protocol leader coming in.

I wouldn’t have thought anything of it but their gestures and body languages looked suspicious and shady hence, I decided to carefully follow them.

Immediately they took their room key from the receptionist, I saw My Church’s protocol gently squeezing my Pastor’s wife’s behind. Mind you, I was taking pictures all the while because I was highly suspicious of them.


My suspicions were confirmed when they got to the hallway en route to their room. They really “entangled” lips to lips, holding hands like teenagers and stuff.

Now, I’m burdened with the information. I don’t know what to do?

I’m torn between telling my pastor or confronting the Asafo Maame.

I know deep down, that confronting the Asafo Maame is a dumb idea because she can inform the protocol leader ( that guy is built physically like a wrestler) — they can harm me.

I know I’ve passed the level of minding my business. The entire reputation of the Church is in jeopardy. I need help. What should I do?

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