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"I Won't Marry Any Man Until I Get A Man Who's Banana Is Huge As My Ex Boyfriend" - Lady Cried Out

A lady who is about 28 years seek for help as she face difficulties in her married.

According to her she is married for two years now and she has regret for getting married.

She said before she got married, she has one guy who Thrills her with his huge "banana" and because of that she is used to huge "banana".

She said, he broke up with her ex guy because the guy cheated on her despite of what she had done for him. So she decided not to marry any man who's banana is not as huge as her ex guy.

According to her after she broke up with her ex she has never had any man who's "banana' is as huge as her ex guy. She got married to one gentleman who is very rich and handsome but his banana is not as huge and her boyfriend.

Therefore she kept meeting her ex boyfriend to satisfy her since her husband's banana is not huge enough. She is now confused either to stay in the marriage or to divorce and go back to her ex guy.

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