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I thought it was a sleeping tablet, it wasn't my intention to poison him-Woman laments[Fiction]

Maame Ama who hails from Winneba laments over the death of her dear husband. Both Maame Ama and her husband are both farmers in Winneba and they have four children. One of them completed SHS and didn't continue because of money issues. The other three are still in the basic school.

Since both parents are farmers, they always come to house late after a long day work. Maame Ama cooks for the house and the children also help in washing dishes after the cooking. After cleaning and bathing, the children then sit to learn.

One day, after a long day work, Maame Ama and her husband were returning from the farm. The husband kept on complaining of insomnia because of body pains. Upon arriving at home late night, Maame Ama decided to help her husband sleep well and prepare for the next day when her husband requested for a sleeping tablet to help him sleep.

There was a tablet in the house which is actually used for mixing with other things to keep mice away. Maame Ama also was in possession of a sleeping tablet which the cover had the same color and structure as the other tablet for the mice. Mistakenly, she offered the wrong tablet which is for the mice to her husband. Few moments later, the husband began breathing fast and later gave his last breath.

So unfortunate, a mistake brought death to the man of the family. Since then, Maame Ama always cries and laments that it was never her intention to poison the husband as she has been getting sleepless night since the death of her husband.

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Maame Ama Winneba


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