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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

What's relationship?

When you fell in love without your brain the heart is in trouble

while the private part suffers much.

To get it right you MUST use your brain and love with your


Love is the greatest but love alone can't make a healthy

relationship that births a happy home.

Do you know there are things that are more important than

love in a relationship?

There are things you can use to maintain your relationship..

Such as Care,Trust, Attention, Appreciation, Giving,

Faithfulness etc.

But we want to talk about things that matters.

Self control: After marriage you will see ladies that are more

pretty and loaded than your wife.

Same thing goes to the man, what keeps your marriage safer

is self control. Self control is very important in every


Respect: it might interest you to know that love is not a

justification for abuse. Everybody deserves respect in a

relationship, it has nothing to do with age or gender. Who can't

respect you don't love you.


If you have a partner who can't keep secret, then you're dating

a community...for you'll become vulnerable. Almost everybody

knows your weakness, because you're dating talkative.

Date someone who can keep your secret.

Having control over your temperament.

Temperametal control is very vital and matters a lot in every

relationship. If you can't have control over your temperament,

you can't keep a good date.

The secret of a healthy relationship is to love what matters.

Love is the foundation of every relationship but love alone

can't do it. There are other THINGS that adds extra flavour in a

relationship or marriage.

Love each other for real. No cheating, be loyal and faithful, no

need to play games on someone who loves you so much if

you want your relationship to last long.


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