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10 Best Ways To Go On A Peaceful “Salomey” With High Success Rate

Salomey, is a Ghanaian parlance describing males who visit a girl with the intention of spending the night, weekend or any number of days.

It’s true origin is disputed, but there is a convergence among many that it could have originated from a Ga word.

More so, when the opposite of ‘Salomey‘ is ‘awɔɔ shia‘, a Ga expression meaning a girl or woman who didn’t sleep in their house but the boyfriend’s.

Whatever the case is, both are understood well among many Ghanaians to refer to the situation where a person decides to embark on a sexcapade away from his house or place of residence.

What makes this experience a bit precarious is the fact that in most instances, the host lady or woman isn’t the substantive partner or fiancée of the man on the voyage. Probably a mistress, side chick, concubine and suchlike and whatnots.

The ten-point approach to having a successful Salomey without getting caught entails how to enter the host’s house or residence, what to do during your stay, how to sleep and even how to look out for emergency exit points in case things go south.

Take a read and have a laugh:

1. Make sure her neighbours are asleep before you enter the house. (Do everything possible not to be seen entering)

2. Keep your phone on and ensure you speak to your trusted boys about your location. They are your back up!

3. As soon as you enter survey the place and look for an exit point should there be an emergency.

4. DONT SLEEP NAKED!!!!!!! Don’t!

5. Don’t sleep feeling too comfortable. Occasionally wake up to spy your immediate surroundings.

6. Mind your posture anytime she picks her phone. This is not the time to be a Jon. You could be recorded.

7. Usually go on salomey wearing gym clothes. The next morning when you leave it is believed you are on your way to or from the gym and not from salomey.

8. If you drive, make a conscious effort to park away from your main location. If you can’t park away, park at your location and cover your car.

9. If any of her neighbors should see you more than once. He or she is a problem. Be the persons friend. Buy the person random gifts. By all means, win the person to your camp.

10. Learn how to climb buildings, jump from top floors and how to drive fast. I would recommend Jackie Chan, Liam Neeson and Jason Statham movies.

Dear reader, don't let stress kill you. Laugh a bit.

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