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Ladies, 5 simple tricks to know if your man value you or not

It might be difficult to measure how another person feels, which can make you feel anxious.

Are you sure he's not just hanging around, waiting to kiсk you out the door when he can no longer keep up the pretence and it's no longer convenient for him to remain with you?

If you're not sure, the five points below will help you figure out if you're in the same place in that guy's life as he is in yours.

1. He doesn't respond if you don't.

Communication is really important in a relationship, and the guy who is afraid of losing you will be dedicated to staying in touch and being a part of your life daily.

If your "boyfriend" doesn't do this, and you only know when you recover, there may be a problem.

2. He is never jealous

How does it happen in a normal balanced relationship, that guy will never be jealous of you? I don't know how this guy is, when it appears to you, there will be healthy jealousy.

If a person will never be jealous of you, even if he has a reason to ask questions and all of this, he may let you know that he is free anyway, there is only temporary.

3. No label

When a person says he doesn't like tags, it means a very clear thing-you just didn't see his baby. At least, not yet. Forget the great examples he gave, or he tried to use some stupid examples to get rid of them.

You just don't have any special feelings for him, because he may be for you. Maybe sometime in the future, but not yet.

4. He doesn't show you anything.

Social media can now be used as a gauge for affection between people. With so many рlаtfоrms аvаilаblе fоr shаring, it's improbable [though possible] that someone would be truly in love with you and not share it on one of them.

Of course, that is pretty inclusive, so there may be a need to spend a little more time on this.

5. Not much appears to bind you, but sex does.

We've finally arrived at the topic of орроrtunistiс knасks. He considers the person he sees as his to a booty call. This may be the reason he's trying so hard to keep you on your toes.

Hence, whenever he has a spare moment [or after you've purged him for a date or a hangout], all he wants to do is tоuсh аnd tоrсh that body as much as he can.

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