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Love is Sweet: Social Media React to Images of This Couple

In this world, people say it is best to marry that who you share common values, principles, belief and even political affiliation with. This will allow peace to prevail most at times and reduce the chances for spats and long unnecessary quarrels. This is what most people have done and some have probably not regretted doing that in their marriages.

This couple too decided to tie the knot and they shared their pre-wedding images on social media. Upon seeing how short the couple is, social media users decided to wonder about the kind of future that awaits them. Because our leaders have said that the crab doesn’t give birth to the bird. There is no way their current heights will make them give birth to children 4 feet tall.

From their images, it is clear that they understand themselves and willing to do anything that will see the success of their union. But for me and many other Ghanaians, they have our blessings and love. Whatever be the height of the child they give birth to, the height is not relevant. What is important is the brain. I mean, Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones is a fictional example of what short people can do- talent, money and wisdom.


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Love is Sweet


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