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Five Strong Signs to Know if your Partner Loves You

 Five Strong Signs to Know if your Partner Loves You

Saying or hearing the three magic words, “I LOVE YOU” is not the only requisite to knowing if your partner truly loves you. These three magic words are almost used every day by lovers. To confirm if these three words are truly meant, these are some five ways to know if your partner loves you.

This has been coined by a psychological expert, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. a publication on BRIDES

Now read on the five signs to show that your partner is in love with you:

1. They show Gratitude

Partners turn to show appreciation in their little ways, most at times for any form of help you have given them. When a person is grateful for having you in their life and isn't afraid to show it, this is a reflection of how thankful they are to have you as a partner.

2. They would do anything for you

Just as the basic premise of almost every love song claims, when someone is in love with you, they'll do anything just to make you smile. They will bend over backward to make sure that you're happy, and they always have your best interests at heart. Whether it's planning fun dates, defending you, or lending a helping hand, it's a sign that your partner is in love with you when you're prioritized and your needs are always met.

3. They are respectful.

If you're wondering exactly how your partner feels about you, it's important to take a closer look at how they treat you. Are they kind, respectful, and warm, or are they distantdismissive, and degrading? When you're trying to figure out if your partner's in love with you, words, as well as actions, speak volumes regarding their true feelings about you.

4. They fully trust you.

Trust is at the core of any loving, happy, and healthy relationship, so if you're wondering if your S.O. is actually in love with you, another unmistakable sign is that they completely trust you. "A partner who doesn’t question where you are if you come home late or doesn’t snoop through your cell phone bills is showing the kind of trust that indicates true caring," Krauss Whitbourne says. When your significant other trusts you wholeheartedly and feels they can rely on you for support, guidance, and encouragement, it can grow into a deep love over time.

5. They are open up to you.

If your partner is in love with you, they'll want to fully open up to you about themselves. Take note if your partner tells you deeply intimate information about different aspects of their life and isn't afraid to be totally vulnerable around you. By sharing a lesser-known part of themselves with you, they're showing you just how important you are and that they want to get closer to you. When your significant other lets you in and feels comfortable speaking candidly about their family, past, or other personal stories and anecdotes, your partner's helping to make your relationship even stronger by finding new ways to connect with you. 

Note: This base on personal experience and cannot applied to every body!!!

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