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Husband and wife relationship

Check What I Did To My Wife Last Night After Taking These Unknown Herbs (Fiction)

After taking a mysterious herbs, this is what I did to my wife last night.

My wife has warned me several times concerning my frequent outing with friends but I didn't listen to her. She always warn me about eating outside but I ignore her comments all the time.

I don't even remember the last time I ate at home. One Saturday I went to my friend's house to watch movies and also chill, he invite me and I couldn't reject his offer.

I went to the house alone, he is my colleague at work, we work together in the same department at work, as he promised we will watch movies and drink as well. I didn't inform my wife of where I was going.

After some time, he gave me some herbs. He told me it will enhance my male vitality in bed, since I sometimes find it difficult sometimes in that area, I took the herbs, we chilled and had fun.

I went home with the herbs and prepared it, drunk it the next day, after a while I was feeling a little dizzy, I called my wife and she told me to have a nap.

I slept through out the day and woked up around 8pm, I started having seizure that night and after some time, I passed out. My wife was very confused, I regretted ever doing this to my wife.

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