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'See tribe where a man’s manhood must be tested by bride’s family before marriage

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Some African civilizations have some peculiar ties to them. The African people's customs and culture have a long history of astonishment and awe in both the outside world and, without a doubt, among Africans themselves.

Currently, one of these bizarre practices is being brought to light. The "Banyankole Tribe" is a Ugandan tribe that we research.

Uganda's Banyankole Tribe

Although the Banyankole clan is a minority among Uganda's clans, its relationship with the word "marriage" has gained it widespread recognition in the western world. It's amusing to note that whenever the word "marriage" is mentioned, the bride's auntie bears the brunt of the burden.

This is because, whenever a couple is getting married, the Banyankole Tribe's custom dictates that, and I quote, "the auntie of the lady of the bride first have sex with the husband to be to ensure that he is strong" (in other words, the Aunty of the Lady of the Bride will first engage in sexual relations with the Man who is going to get hitched to her!!!). To determine if the man is capable of performing.

It doesn't stop there, because the auntie must still put the Bride to the test in order to confirm her virginity!! Occasionally, the custom demanded that the auntie demonstrate the intensity of the husband-to-love be's by watching them make love.

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