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Their ladies are very romantic. Marry any of these 4 tribes in Ghana, they are the very best.

Marriage is when a man and a woman (women) come together to spend the rest of their life together. It should be noted that marriage is for mature people not just lovers.

Below are the four romantic tribes you can marry and be sure of being loved and cared for;

#4. Gonjas

Gonjas are the people from the Savannah Region in Ghana. They comprise of both Christians and Muslims. Their ladies can love you and you will even forget of marrying another woman in case you are a Muslim. They love from the heart and the brain so you can be sure of everything. In terms of satisfying their husbands, they are one of the best, in fact they even have the courage to find remedies for their husbands who cannot satisfy them. If you try to cheat on them that is when they will show you levels.

#3. Fantes

If you marry an Fante lady then you have married 2 women in one. They are very supportive in a man's development, they take the risk of growing with their lovers even if they have nothing, that is what we called love perfection. They also make sure they meet the demands of their husbands to prevent them from cheating on them. 


Eve people are the very best when it comes to having an affair with their partners but failure to satisfy them may lead them to cheat on you as they are very eager for s3x. One thing you can be sure from an Ewe lady is that, they care a lot and can easily fall in love with people.

#1. Hausa

The most romantic ladies in Ghana is the Hausa people, "Wala Ahi". They are God fearing, do whatever husbands ask them to do as far as it is not against the will of God. They are mostly mix-up with "Zambarima" people who are mostly fans of giving birth to plenty children. If you want one woman to give birth up to at least Five children then marry a Hausa lady, they have the stamina in terms of S3x.

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