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Video. I am looking for a 25 year old man to marry: A 52 year old woman has made bold confession.

As the saying goes, age is just a number, and when it comes to relationships, it doesn't really matter. Under normal circumstances, it is generally accepted that two people in a relationship should be of similar ages, but life, love, and experience have shown that this is not always the case. When two people fall in love and want to marry, the age gap between them is irrelevant as long as they are both happy with each other. Even in the Bible, we find examples of men like David marrying young women when they were already old.

And now, in a viral video, a 52 year old woman demonstrates that she is ready to be in a relationship with someone younger. According to this woman, she wishes to marry a young man of twenty five years of age. She wants to marry a twenty five year old person because all of the older men she has tried to date and marry have died early and left her alone, and she has learned her lesson from those relationships, so she is no longer interested in older men.

Younger men, in her opinion, are strong and capable in all aspects of marriage, and the best part is that, unlike older men, they are not likely to die soon and leave her alone. Some may presume she is too old to be in a relationship with a twenty five year old, but they must understand that she has a point because no one wants to be in a relationship and their partner leaves them all alone, and for that matter, as a fifty two year old woman who no longer wants to cry her heart out for the loss of a husband, it makes sense for her to do so.

Relationships are built on love and mutual understanding on both sides, and if that is accepted, she can marry someone who agrees with her on that point.

Watch the video here

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