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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Has To Compensate Me With 2 Million For Denying Me Conjugal Rights- Woman Says

Marriage is sacred,yet in today's world many misuse it.Meet Leah as she shares her story in Ebru TV.

Dickson is Leah's husband, however she appears to be unhappy with their marriage. For the past three years, the couple has been together. She claims that her husband has failed to meet his obligations and just only gives financial support, which has left her emotionally distraught. 

Another allegation from the woman is that Dickson has been going out with his ex-girlfriend on Fridays and she has been left alone at home. And to top it all off, Leah claims that Dickson Nyairo has a seual relationship with his Italian boss, who is a man.

The ex-girlfriend Dickson met with was working for a company that sells things to Dickson's company, thus Dickson claims their encounters were business-related.

The rejection of her conjugal rights has resulted in a 2 million demand from Leah for her husband refusing to perform his marital duties. As long as they stick together, Dickson is willing to do anything.

Their marriage is in jeopardy, and they promise to fix their flaws and put more effort into it. As a man would you pay your wife money for denying her bedroom rights and as a woman would you sue your husband for womanising and not sleeping with you. Which law stays that it a man fails to perform his Conjugal Rights he should compensate his wife? What's on your opinion on this.

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