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Marry any of these three people, if you want to live long (Opinion).

Long life is a gift of nature. But short life is usually man made. Our ignorance and wrong response to the needs of our bodies generally shortens our lifetime on earth. The biblical age of man is hundred and twenty years old. Nothing more nothing less. Some choices we make in life greatly impact our lifespan. Wrong decisions concerning our marriage partners in one way or the other is a major deciding factor of how long we will live on earth. There are some people who are specialist in creating a happy home in your marriage. Happiness in marriage ultimately leads to long life and better days. If your are lucky to get one of them as your marriage partner, then definitely your life on earth will be longer than usual. Who are these people?

There are at least three people who know how to protect the life of married partner by reason of their long experience and extensive knowledge in life. Lets see these great people.

(1) Farmer.

A farmer is a peaceful man to be married to. He has less burdens in life apart from planting his crops and waiting for the rains in due season. What makes them special is providing you with fresh organic foods and vegetables that provide proper nutrients to your body.

Nowadays most food sold in the market are full of inorganic fertilizer content but a farmer will feed you with direct, original food without any bad content. The farmer will also have easy access to natural stuffs like mushroom, oranges and proper vegetables to feed you. All these will enhance your proper body growth and development. Remember when you eat healthy food, your health is strongly enhanced and long life will be guaranteed.

(2) Nurse/Health Worker.

Nurses and health workers also make great marriage partners because of their adequate knowledge in health and hygienic practice.

A nurse will be able to know any likely sickness by studying the present symptoms and help to nib that disease in the bud before rearing it ugly head in the family. Health workers also make available first aid stuff in the house to handle minor sicknesses like headache, fever or cholera. All these will enhance your healthy growth and vitality.

(3) A caterer/Chef.

A caterer or chef is a professional cook with adequate knowledge in food preparation. These people make good husbands and wives.

They always make your dinning table spicy and delicious. If you get a visitor, your heart is at ease knowing that your partner will leave a good footprint on the dinning table to enhance your image. A chef also knows how to preserve food for a long time to save the family some financial burden. What is very special about this kind of people is serving you with healthy meals. They know what food to cook that will protect the family from sickness and illness.

If you therefore want to live longer life on earth, try and marry any of these three people and your life will be in a safer hands.

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