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The Dangerous Tribe Where Only Women Exists, No Man is Allowed Because Of What Men Had Done to Them

There has been a powerful woman who already built an entire community dedicated solely to females, and therefore, no guy, not even one, is allowed to enter.

Umuja, a community in Kenya's Samburu region, is a good example of this. Rebecca Lolosoli is from this area. She is the only one who formed the said community for females alone. Rebecca was in an emotionally abusive relationship 30 years ago, where she had been assaulted and humiliated like a second-class person.

Picture of the woman who built the women community:

However, as she started to look outside, she realised she wasn't alone. Women are usually raped and tortured, and she was not the only one. It's common for children to marry while they're young, and it's even more common for some of them to get their sexual organs sliced and mutilated.

Whenever a female is old enough to marry, it is customary in Samburu tradition for her to be mutilated. When Rebecca requested that the government safeguard them against their husbands, yet nobody responded. They were ignored by the rest of the civilized world. Then she and a gang of 14 similar ladies chose to make their unique universe suddenly.

Then they declared they didn't want men anymore since they could do it on their own. How can they ever survive it on their own, all the males surrounding them wondered. They're females, and women tend to be vulnerable, yet Rebecca and her ladies managed to prove everybody otherwise.

When they started building the village:

She chose a plot of land known as Umuja, which means "togetherness." They created all of it by their own hands. She fashioned homes from clay and wood and handmade jewellery.

The school they created for their children:

She established a school to educate their biological children, and they encourage women to trust in themselves as ladies even if they do not have husbands in their lives. Females sing, play, and raise their kids inside this community alone without the presence of men around their own small world.

When tourists came to visit them:

No man is allowed to reside there, even including their own lovers, and male teenagers are permitted to stay with them until they reach the age of eighteen. They are mutilated if they follow the rules set by powerful women.

Several males became initially envious, so they established their personal communities neighboring to keep tourists out. They also entered Umuja and harassed the females, yet Rebecca and the rest of the group stood firm.

They put some money aside and eventually purchased the whole town. Umuja has grown to a hundred members who together are now successful business women.

Well, that's what actually occurs once women are given opportunities, they achieve results, they construct societies, they rule, they operate business, and they find success. However, in the majority of cases, women are not given the opportunity to prove themselves.

This was not simple for Rebecca and the rest of the villagers to build the community inside this environment, it takes a whole lot of dedication and endurance.

The outter look of the village:

The authorities must adopt policies as well as provide opportunities for women, particularly in rural regions. Parents must teach their boys to value women so that someday, not just for this town, but the entire world, would treat women with respect.

Do you think staying away from men is the lasting solution to their problems? Your opinion matters a lot

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