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Video of Afia Odo and her boyfriend doing it in a night club surfaced online.

Entertainment is the act of engaging yourself in an entertaining activity to relieve you from some of your problem. Taking part in some of these entertainment helps one to boost his or her immune system. So we can say that, another aspect of entertainment is for medicinal purposes. Some of these entertainment activities are, going to the night club, attending sports activities, listening to good music of your choice, having quiet time at some luxurious and beautiful places and soo on. 

Afia Odo is an upcoming celebrity from Ghana who has been spotted in a video making love to her boyfriend in a night club. People go to night club to entertain themselves to relieve them from some of their problem but according to the video, Afia Odo's aim of going there was for something different. In the video spotted on social media, some youths were seen who were also dancing and having a lot of fun. Afia Odo was seen taking her boyfriend to different place in the same night club to play romance with him. 

Netizens have giving their thoughts and opinions on the video seen. Some are saying, such act does not help to promote good moral values. Others too are saying, lack of discipline at the tender age can also lead to people putting up such behaviour when they grow up.

This is the kind of attitude some of our upcoming celebrities are engaging themselves into which is sometimes wrong for public view. It is also bad for a young lady as Afia Odo who is not married to exhibit such behaviour in a public. She should not allow herself for boys to have access to her body in an inappropriate manner.

The leaders of the various night clubs should lay down some rules and regulations and also make sure that those who goes there strictly obey the lay down rules and regulations.

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