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4 Questions you should ask a lady before accepting her into your life.

As a man, there are several things you have to know about the woman who you're willing to make your partner or the woman who you're ready to start up a family with. These questions will help you as a man to get to know her and the kind of woman she is. So as a man, there are certain questions you have to ask a woman to get to know her before accepting her into your home.

Here are 4 questions you should ask a lady before accepting her into your life.

1. What is your occupation?

This question is very important. As a man, before asking a lady out or before bringing her into your life. Or before you start loving a lady, it is very important to know what the lady who you're bringing into your life does for a living. It is not advisable for you to just welcome any woman into your life without knowing what she does for a living.

2. What is your love language?

As a man, it is very important you understand your woman's love language in your relationship. This is why it is very necessary to ask her this question before starting a relationship with her. As a man, you should be able to understand her love language, so you can be able to communicate with her in the relationship more often and understand her love life perfectly.

3. What are we?

This is also a great question. As a man, you should allow her to be able to explain the relationship that exists between you both. It is advisable you listen to her take about the relationship between you two. In many cases, some men think they're in a relationship with a woman while the woman is not seeing it the same way you are. So this will help clarify if she sees you as just a friend or partner. However, with the way she responds to you, you will know if you should set the record straight or just let her be.

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