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4 Things To Say To A Girl To Make Her Smile.

As a man, there numerous things you can say to a girl to make her smile. It is also important that only a lady who is comfortable around you will feel comfortable laughing in your presence. So when a woman laughs around you, this really means that she feels comfortable around you and would like to meet you again. 

That is why as a man it is important that when you meet a girl, you should make her laugh, this alone will make her feel comfortable around you. However, not every man is good at making or saying what to make a girl smile or laugh.

1. Tell her something funny.

As a man, the very first step of making a lady smile or laugh is by saying something funny or telling a joke. As a man, when you say something funny or tell a joke to a girl. There is a high chance that she would smile or laugh. And this means she feels happy. And will laugh out of happiness. It is also advisable you don't tell her boring jokes or say something that is not funny if you really want to make her smile and feel comfortable around you.

2. Tell her what you like about her. 

Women love it when men tell them how special and unique they are. So as a man, when you tell her what you like about her, it could be her appearance, the way she dresses, character, or it could be her manner of approach. You can also walk up to her and tell her how you enjoy seeing her communicate with people around her. So as a man, when you say something nice to a girl. This will make her feel happy and special, and she will smile at you.

3. Ask to offer help of any kind to her.

As a man, another way of making a lady smile is by asking to offer help. As a man, when you are driving and see her trekking home. You can offer her a lift. This will make her feel special and amazing that you care about her. And this will make her smile even if she is already close to her destination, this is to show that she appreciates your care and support. So as a man, when you ask a lady to help her out when she is in need of help, she will always smile and appreciate your effort.

4. Tell her how special she is.

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