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" Forget about six packs" Best ways you can impress your girlfriend

Pleasing or impressing your woman has become a challenge to most men. Even though some are trying to do even possible best to please their women so they will love them more but not to avail.

In this particular write-up, we shall discuss about five ways a man or a guy can impress his girlfriend or woman

1. A sense of humour.

Probably the most important thing. You could be the most attractive guy on planet earth, tick all the boxes that a girl is looking for, but if you don't have a sense of humour, you'll barely last in a relationship more than a few months at best. By humour I mean witty comments, maybe a few jokes and etc.

2. Smell nice.

I cannot stress just how important this one is. A guy’s smell is literally make or break (same as how I assume you wouldn't want to date a girl who smells of sweat constantly). I'm not even exaggerating when I say this could be the different between being friend-zoned and getting a date. I'm not saying to bathe yourself in Armani everyday, but just a few sprays on your neck and wrists should do it.

3. Intelligence.

Not saying you have to be Albert Einstein, but it would be nice to have a conversation about literature, philosophy, art and etc. every once in a while. Show that you're a cultured person. Show that you're interesting to talking with about something else other than football.

4. Watch how you dress.

I make it a personal mission of mine to avoid any kind of guy wearing a tracksuit. Some girls like that, I don't. Much like with smell, you have to please visually as well. Don't go out wearing whatever you found on your floor and expect girls to be drooling over you.

5. Be rich

If not in money, be rich in manners, humility and good behaviors, have an opinion, take her side and preserve the self respect for you and don’t fall in love easily. Nobdoy does. It’s the effect of movies that makes us feel like loved. It’s lust usually

6. Be polite.

Treat people with respect. Now this isn't just if you want girls to like you, but people in general. But of course, no girl actively seeks out a douche-bag (at least none that I know of). Say please and thank you, don't be a smart-arse and if you like teasing, don't take it too far.

7. Show that you're an interesting person as well.

Now this will vary depending on your definition of interesting. To some, interesting is someone who's travelled to all 7 continents, gone sky-diving, met Obama and had to fight his way out of a room full of ninjas. For others interesting is simply what kind of books you might read, what sports you play, where you've gone on holiday and etc.

8.Don not lie.

As tempting as it is, don't. It will come back to bite you. Especially as a lot of teenage girls are really iffy about trust. If she smell a single lie, you've pretty much ruined your chances, no matter how big or small it is.

9.compliment her

A lot of girls are insecure about themselves, so say something like “wow you look really nice today” or “your hair is beautiful”. Little compliments like this go a long way for some girls.

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I'm grateful to you for reading through this particular write-up, kindly follow my page for more interesting pieces.

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