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Complete Method: How To Use Text Message To Make A Woman Fall For You

Are you wondering what to write to a girl in chat via message? The first message I send to a girl is very important, because it decides your future. If you fail with the former, you probably won't have any other opportunities. Think of all the effort you went through to get the girl you like so much. Have you managed to get her number or contact and you don't know how to use it best without making a fool of herself, without sounding hysterical or insistent and without making her believe that you are dying behind her? There are guys who go out of their way to get the cell phone number of the girl they like, and then when they finally get it, they don't put it to good use and just as unhealthy as texting a girl !

Instead of phone calls, text messages are the ideal way to flirt , a nice and above all effective way to impress a girl . But only on one condition: that you really know how to use them. In fact, even a single wrong text message can make you miss the opportunity to be successful in conquering . But to make sure that doesn't happen, take a look at the right moves to send winning sms.


Of course, texting a friend isn't the same as texting the girl you want to impress. This text message, to succeed in the desired effect, must have very specific characteristics, which we are going to analyze. The first of these is the climate that this message must create. The first goal, in fact, is precisely to create the right atmosphere , which paves the way for flirting. These are the words of seduction, which you must use to create a game atmosphere, so that she is teased and is therefore inclined to answer you. To achieve this, the first thing to do is to avoid having a normal conversation .

After all, the advantage of text messages is precisely that of being able to communicate without having to include all those pleasantries, those phrases and those topics that usually a verbal conversation that takes place face to face requires. For example, when you are seated at a table in a bar, the dialogue with an unknown tends to always touch the same topics, you tell yourself until the conversation flattens out and ends up becoming monotonous and tedious.

If there is one thing women like about men, it is that he is in control and makes them feel a little submissive (not too submissive because otherwise they will send you to that country) just enough to play some kind of game that increases the their sexual desire towards you and your charm. Plus it can create a lot of attraction.


Seduction via text messages is a matter of atmosphere, words but also of timing. Often, in fact, the content of the messages is more than right but the timing is wrong. Let's be clearer: let's say you have just stored his phone number on your mobile phone, what are you doing?

If I text her right away, she'll think you're overcooked and couldn't wait to get back to her. Even if this is true, she will never have to have that certainty, so resist the first urge to contact her right away. If you wait too long, she'll think you have no interest and you're a womanizer, and this tactic, unless she's crazy about you, only bears bad results. So, so as not to seem too busy or arrogant, wait a day to contact her, but no more.

Then, also pay attention to the next moves. For example, let's say she doesn't reply right away or doesn't reply at all to your first message. The wrong thing, and that certainly won't lead her to change her mind, is to send her a second message shortly after. The result may just seem to be intrusive and irritate her. So in the event of a non response from him, it would be best to wait a day or two before trying to make yourself heard again.

To get a girl to answer you, your messages must be original, never banal. You have to use phrases that win girls over . The goal must in fact be to hit her until she gets into her thoughts. After all, the text message is nothing more than a way to express thinking about another person during a normal daily activity such as study or work. The best is to be able to be reciprocated in this: to be thought of by the person we think. 

To get inside his head we have to tease his imagination, thus staying away from trivial contents. So, avoid phrases like: "Hi, how are you? What are you doing?". These such sms are anonymous, and do not convey anything to the other person at all. Instead, you have to aim for text messages that start a game, to flirt and entice her to respond. Use all your sympathy, perhaps referring to some situation you have experienced with her. Joking about what you said when you got to talk is for example a great way to approach .

More tips for texting a girl in chat

1. Don't use acronyms and don't abbreviate words.

Do they all do it? That's right, that's it. But to write messages on social networks or text messages to a woman you should not do it (even if she is the first to do it). This doesn't make you look like a real man but just like an immature boy or teenager. It makes you look weak. It makes you look effeminate. Don't you want this? Then write your messages correctly and without abbreviation.

2. Don't use the conditional too much.

Own your words, be confident and confident even when chatting. Don't say things like, "It would be nice to see you again. Maybe we could meet again." We are not. When texting a woman, you will still need to show yourself as a strong, brave and confident man. Better a text of this type then: “ I had a very good time last night. Let's meet again. I'm free next Tuesday. I'll pick you up around 8 and let's eat out. Are you free? " If she's not free, she'll tell you. If she's not interested, she'll tell you. But either way she knows she's dealing with a real man who knows what he wants , and isn't afraid to ask for it.

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