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8 Reasons Why So Many Decent People Are Single Nowadays

1. They have high expectations of their other half. When looking for a life partner, decent people will see if the other half is a good match for them. There may be many partial matches, but few perfect matches.

2. There are few quality people they can take a fancy to. The better the person, the fewer people of the same quality are around her, and the chances of meeting someone of her own calibre and developing a relationship are significantly lower.

3. They have high expectations of themselves and their future. They have goals, they want to achieve in life and want to find someone who can make things happen for each other, not someone who will be a burden to them and hold them back.

4. They think there are other things in life that are more important than being in a relationship. They may be obsessed with their career, learning new skills and developing new hobbies, while a relationship may be seen as a waste of time and life.

5. They will carefully judge the sunk cost of being in a relationship. They will carefully assess the risks and benefits of a relationship and choose their partner carefully and deliberately, rather than just getting together with someone else.

6. They may already have someone in mind. This person may be someone she can never be with, but she is unwilling to find someone else to replace that person, so she stays single.

7. The person they like does not like them. The decent person may like someone who is better than her, but that person doesn't like her, and in that person's eyes, she may be an extremely ordinary person. The one who is not willing to settle for anything else will just waits and stays single.

8. They may not know what kind of partner they want. They may be good at business, friendships and relationships, but not at relationships and love. They also need to keep learning to get out of being single.

In general, finding a partner is not like finding a job, and many people want to wait until they are good enough to find a good person to spend their lives with. But the reality is that by the time you are good enough, you will have missed the right person and will not be able to find another one.

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