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Husband and wife relationship

"We Are Married To One Husband and We Don't Fight" Catherine and Ruth Narrates Their Story

Despite following Christianity and its teaching, people do have polygamous relationships. Here are two women who explain why they chose it for themselves. Ruth and Catherine are the two wives of a man named Wanjohi. He is a father of eight children; five with Ruth, three with Catherine. Both women are happy to be married to him. They describe him as a hardworking man who treats his wives equally.

Ruth, who's the first wife, met her husband 22 years ago. The two of them were deeply in love and got married at only 19 years, Ruth having dropped out at the age of 15. They have 4 children in total, 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Ruth began to notice some changes in his behaviour. He worked more hours and sometimes spent nights in Nairobi. Ruth suspected that he was having an affair, but he insisted that it was work-related and nothing more. Ruth suspected that he was seeing another woman, and she turned out to be right it was Catherine who was causing the changes in his life.

He first met Catherine while he was on duty at a clinic. They exchanged numbers and started dating. After a few months, Catherine and Wanjohi decided to move in together, but she wasn't ready to leave her. Ruth was furious when she heard rumors that her husband had a mistress. Her husband brought her home introduce her as a nurse who'll be treating his mother.

Ruth and Wanjohi had big problems in their marriage, and their relationship was falling apart. After Ruth decided to leave her husband and go back to her family, he stook their kids from her gave them to Catherine in Nairobi in order to get back at Ruth. Who in return took good care of the children.

Ruth was very upset when she found out that her husband had another wife, but after a while she learned to accept it and eventually became friends with the other wife. Ruth and her husband's second wife were able to find a way to live peacefully together over time. Because they respected each other, they were able to help care for their shared husband. The first wife is really hurting she feels betrayed.

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Catherine Ruth Wanjohi


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