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Divorce Affair

Women are skilled at cheating, we cheat for two reasons - Life coach reveals

Akua Nyameye, a life coach and relationship expert, has admitted that her work has taught her how adept women are at cheating.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Akua said that although women commit more fraud, it is rarely discovered. Men who cheat, though, can't keep it a secret from their partners for very long. The expert explains why they are so.

Women are adept at multitasking and can do it without problem, whereas men can only concentrate on one thing at a time, claims Akua. She also identified the two main causes of female infidelity.

Either she is unhappy or she has lost her love for you. But a guy has the capacity to lie willfully. He might deceive when he sees a stunning woman. When a woman is into you, she is committed to you.

Only after complaining about his tendencies will she engage in cheating, but nothing changes. She keeps you on the side until she finds someone to provide her that affection, Akua said.

Akua also counselled ladies to stay away from womanisers before marriage. She stated that they must end the relationship as soon as they become aware of such tendencies.

"I do not advise wives to stay with a womaniser if their husbands have cheated on them once. Women occasionally become aware of these problems before to marriage, but they choose to ignore them because they desire the union.

The scandal is in the divorce, not the split. Don't assume you can convert a womaniser because you can't; only God can, Akua said.

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