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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Marry This Type Of Ladies-Opinion

Thanks for clicking on this article and I also welcome you to this noble platform.

God is indeed wonderful for blessing us with this new day, may he continue to pour his blessings on us.

In this article I will like to share my opinion about the things I have been seeing on the social media platforms.

As we all know, the social media platforms is now filled with huge curves and body shapes which most of our young ladies has involved themselves into it.

It is believed by some them that, displaying your curves on the media platforms will make you get more followers in other to become great influencers for ambassadorral deals in some companies to earn their living.

The men of nowadays has made it in mind that they need a lady with huge lemons and backside for them to settle as husband and wife but I'm not in suppor of it.

Why I'm I saying this, the reason is that when a man marries lady with huge curves, she may cheat on you no matter how is it because they normally find themselves into many men.

Another reason is that, due to the displaying of their curves on the media platforms, the evil spirits moving around may marry them spiritually without their knowledge and if that happens and you as a normal human being marries her you may be harmed spiritually.

Before I continue let's take a look at some of the ladies I'm talking about in the photos below.

As we can see from the photos above, the ladies really looks very impressive and attractive but their may of showing themselves on the media is very bad and I'm not in support of it.

I know that some people may go against my opinion but I just gave out my suggestion.

You can also drop yours at the comment section below.

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