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How to Know if She Doesn't Like You Anymore

1. Keep track of how often she cancels plans or is too busy to go out.

Cancelling plans is a red flag that something may be wrong. While circumstances often occur with valid reasons to miss a date, if it happens more than 50% of dates, you’re in the danger zone.

When a girl starts to repetitively cancel plans or is always busy, she is sending a clear message.

A girl that is interested in you will make herself available and want to spend time with you, so if you find your girlfriend constantly ditching plans, take it as a sign.

2. Notice how much she touches you.

Physical touch is one way that girls use to flirt with and show interest in a guy. Things like putting her hand on your chest, holding your hand, or brushing her fingers through your hair all show that she is interested in you.

If your relationship started with a lot of physical touch from you, but now she hardly gives any at all, it could be time to talk to her about where the relationship is going.

A change in the amount of public displays of affection, like holding hands, can also be a warning sign.

When a girl isn’t interested in a guy anymore, she might stop touching him all together and go out of her way to avoid any sort of physical touch.

3. Observe her body position when she is with you.

A closed body position is one where her body is pointing away from you, her arms are crossed, or she is hunched over to take up less space.

Closing her body position sends signals that she is uncomfortable or nervous about something. If she is doing this consistently in a relationship, it may be a sign she's not that into you.

If your girlfriend used to stand close to you with her arms down or on her hips, but now she turns away and crosses her arms when you talk, she is telling you that she isn’t interested in talking anymore.

If she conveys closed body language every time you are together, it is probably time to rethink your relationship because she might be wanting to end it.

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