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Couple Caught Red-handed Having An "Affair" In A Washroom Of A Night Club

Self-control is a very important virtue everyone needs to pursue and obtain. It saves you from disgrace and regrets.

A couple couldn't control themselves at a nightclub after several hours of dancing and growing fond of each other.

They, therefore, decided to take things a notch higher and chose to have a romantic moment in the washroom of the nightclub. It beats logic. 

The urge was so strong that they could not wait to get home and as a result, decided to choose an enclosed location to release the tension between them, and what better place to do that than the washroom.

Unfortunately for them as they were enjoying their artistic expressions, they bumped into by people who wanted to used the washroom to release waste from their bowels and bladders.

As expected, they were recorded and shamed by the club owners and attendees. The video dropped on the internet not long ago and the reactions have been very tremendous. 

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A Washroom Of A Night Club


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