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What Advice Will You Give To A Lady Who Is At Least 30 And Still Single (Read My Advice)

I don't like it when people be like," in this part of our world, a lady is supposed to marry at a certain age." Nah, biologically, any lady who wishes to have a family must marry at a certain age, preferably, at or before 30. 

We sorta sometimes make an ignorant comparison with the white people. What we should know is that any woman, when getting close to 35-40 years and have no family or even a child, becomes depressed and miserable. 

And sometimes i burst in hysterics when people be like marriage isn't important. sometimes some women make this remark. And I be like, ok, wait and hit 40 and see.

The white women whom we use as a benchmark start getting pets and treat them as humans,they try to fill that vacuum created in the absence of marriage or family.

One of the most important things that bring meaning to life is having a baby, and this is especially for a woman.

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