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Husband and wife relationship

I Find It Hard To Accept Money From My Fiancé, Lady Shares Her Thought

Women should always be careful when collecting money or gifts, especially from a guy who is not her husband. In a case where a lady offered an expensive gift, first get to know the motive behind the gift because most gifts are given for a reason either good or bad

As a woman, you should always try to be independent this gives you absolutely confidence, and put in charge of your sexuality and life in general because sometimes these gifts are traps. 

There are many ladies who reject gifts or don't want to spend their partner's money on expensive stuff, just like this lady who share her story online revealed that she is having hard time collecting expensive gifts and money from her fiance

However, the lady stated in her story that the idea to receive gifts from her husband to be is not in place with her value, but she couldn't understand why 

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