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END TIME IS NEAR: Here's The Man Who Dresses Like a Lady to Public Events Because Of What He Gets

Many strange things are happening in the world nowadays which are very hard to comprehend with. Some people tend to engage in acts that goes against the culture of the society. it's becoming more rampant nowadays to see men dressing up like women and this man in this article isn't an exemption.

Apart from his bent body, he calls himself a killer queen. He has a great sense of fashion and applies makeup. According to his tweeter nickname, his name is Darius Hoof. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Would you agree with me that a lot is happening on social media these days? So today i came across photos of a man who has become a social media sensation because of his shape.

If you think it's surgery, Darius said he's naturally blessed with this gift. You know that with the evolution of science and technology, one can achieve any shape of body by surgery or by training too.

The development of the hips and backside is one of the biological characteristics of women going through puberty. Keep in mind that men have behinds too, but most of the time it doesn't develop like women.

According to some, he did work, because according to his previous photos, he had no hips. While some think he has improved his body, others ask him for the doctor's number. Probably the doctor who operated him.

Do you think we should allow men to dress this way in our society? let's hear your own view

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Chicago Darius Darius Hoof. Illinois


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