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He told me he was a car dealer but after our marriage, I realized he is a mechanic. Lady cries out.

Marriage as we all know is meant to bring happiness and joy. That's why some people marry solely for companionship. But if one will marry and will not enjoy the marriage at all, then it would be better if he or she remains single. So in a related case between one beautiful lady and a car mechanic, there appears not to be happiness in their relationship.

As narrated by the lady, she seems to have been made to fall into a deep pit without her conscience. So interacting with her, this is what she said:

As a young lady, it has always been my dream of getting married to a popular business tycoon. This is because I like flaunting with big cars, beautiful houses and what have you. Accordingly, I have always put myself in a position that will accord me that opportunity.

So on one beautiful morning, as I was about to open my shop for the day's business, I saw a nice car pass by. Even though I was not looking at that side, my love for beautiful cars drew my attention and I saw the car. He stopped by our side and that was how he met me.

In our conversation, I asked him what he is doing for a leaving and he told me he is into car dealership. I can remember some time ago he promised to give me a car when we get married.

As we were still dating, he used to visit me with different cars. And all these cars were usually new. This alone convinced me that he was into car dealership. Not knowing he would only visit me only when a nice car came to their fitering shop.

Though he is okay financially, I still don't feel happy in my new life since he is not my kind of man. But I don't know to leave the marriage without hurting his feelings.

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