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Want To Approach A Girl You Like Without Being Weird? 5 Tips Are Here.

Have you ever wondered how to approach a girl you like but don't want to seem weird? Here's our advice on how to strike up a great conversation with your crush. Don't be afraid to ask her out - it doesn't have to be awkward, you've got you covered.

1. Make eye contact

If you want to know if a girl's interested in you, establish some respectful eye contact with her first. Respectful means you're not ogling her or being creepy. Maybe try to catch her eye from across the room and give her a gentle smile. Or, when she's speaking, hold eye contact and listen to what she says. This shows you're attentive and interested.

2. Get your body language right

Getting your body language right is another essential step in how to approach a girl. You want to come across as confident but not arrogant, open yet not overbearing. This means you need to keep your back straight and your shoulders back, like you're sure of yourself.

3. Approach her ASAP

Some men might wait a few days or longer to approach their crush because they don't want to look too eager. What if she's at home wondering if you're into her? Wearing your heart on your sleeve will show her that you're confident and that can be a real turn-on.

4. What to say to her

Figuring out how to talk to girls may sound nerve-wracking, but try not to overthink it! Instead, focus on actively listening, being polite, and talking about things that you're passionate about. This is your first conversation with each other, so just try to connect with her authentically.

5. Check your attitude

It's not just what you say that matters, but how you say it. Pay attention to the energy you're giving off around your crush. Are you coming across a know-it-all? Are you trying so hard to please her that you're not listening to what she's saying?

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