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Some Men are Wicked: What was Attractive on This 12yr Old Girl to Impregnate Her?

This world is getting messy and it appears nobody can stop the degree and speed of damage. Today, men are mating with men and women are mating with women. A little child getting defiled by people who are supposed to know better and it is quite embarrassing.

This 12yr old girl was impregnated and successfully gave birth. What I wonder from the whole thing is, what was attractive on that little child to entice men? What exactly went wrong that this poor innocent girl should suffer early childbearing? All these make me realized that some men are wicked and there is no doubt that the world is closing down anytime from now.

The normal thing was that adults meet adults and they decide to come together as married couples and finally have a baby if God permit. Children are left to grow and develop fully and mentally. But this generation is changing everything for the worst. This is bad and I feel very sorry for the family of the child. The person who did this to this innocent child won’t go scot-free. There are consequences to every action.

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