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5 Little Things That Tell You a Lot About Someone

We all have habits, traits or characteristics that steer us clear of certain people. These can be obvious like someone who just speaks loudly all the time or a person that tends to end off every sentence like a question and these little things tell us something about a person. So here are 5 more little things that tell you a lot about someone.


1. How They Treat Their Mother

I’m sure you've met people who have treated their mothers with such disrespect that you feel yourself cringing with embarrassment. Not only does this behaviour say a lot about that person but it also says a lot about the mother, and while we don't know the background to every mother-child relationship, we can agree that treating a parent with disrespect is not a good look for anybody.


2. How They React When Someone Else Does Well

You don't need to try hard to imagine this scenario where someone says “did you hear that Cindy got a promotion?” And someone else replies “she must have slept with the boss to get it” sour grapes perhaps. Here 's another one; someone says “did you hear that Joe got himself a new car?” And another person replies “his father probably paid for it.” A little jealousy creeping in there maybe. Imagine if that person had reacted differently like “oh wow, Cindy got a promotion, that's awesome. She worked so hard for it” or “Joe got a new car, I’m so glad. He really needed one and he's been saving for ages.” If people can't be happy for the successes of others, it leaves a pretty dismal impression about them all around.


3. Their Behaviour When Things Don't Go As Planned

We know there are no guarantees in life and things change constantly. But do you let a change of plans ruin your entire day? There are dozens of situations; perhaps a flat tire on your way to work, your grocery bag splitting open and you chasing oranges down the street or you spilt coffee down your white work shirt. These things happen sometimes but if a person gets all flustered, starts raising their voice and aggressively stomps around the place, imagine how they'll react when someone unintentionally scratches their precious car. I don't know about you but I'd rather not be there to find out.


4. Their Time Keeping Skills

Life happens we get it. But if someone is always late, that is not okay. One might argue it has nothing to do with you: the person that's kept waiting. As affirmed by the study of San Diego state university psychologist Jeff Conte, found Type A personalities tend to be more aware of timelines than the more laid-back Type B personality however we're all adults here and can make changes to avoid the habitual habit of being late.


5. How They Behave When They Think No One Is Watching Them

How does that person behave when they know they're being watched and when they're not. Do you return the shopping cart to where you picked it or not? Returning it is easy straightforward and takes a minute. It's a mere blip in your day, however, it's just as easy to leave it there and get on with your day. you're not going to be punished, it's not illegal so what do you do? The same applies to littering. If nobody's around do you leave the litter on the ground or do you still pick it up? It doesn't matter whether you're being watched or not, doing the right thing always wins.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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