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4 Important Ways Of Creating A Spiritual Connection With Your Partner

Imagine what a deep, spiritual connection looks like. You should each take time to visualize what a deeper connection means to you. Make lists of key images and words. Know what the other's key relationship values are.

Imagine the healthiest, most ideal couple: what do they do that makes them your idea of a perfect couple? How do they discuss problems and celebrate success? How to they touch one another? Visualize even smallest details, like how close they stand to each other or what it looks like when they laugh together.

Share these images with your boyfriend, and have him tell you what his ideal couple looks like. Identify where your ideal deep connections overlap, and look for what they share in common.

Discuss ways to make each other’s visions into reality, including both small and large concerns. For example, if you both imagine an ideal couple holding hands when walking down the street, then make an effort to hold hands more.

Let the differences between your imagined ideal couples inform and enlighten you. Consider that love might look different than how you imagined. Take this exercise as a lesson in being surprised and open to love as it unfolds.

Practice your shared values. Identify the philosophies or beliefs you both hold dear. Learn these commitments inside and out as you come to know each other better, build an emotional life together, and begin to bring your goals and dreams into alignment. Find ways of engaging and nurturing your shared beliefs and values.

If you participate in the same religion, go to services together and find ways to nurture your relationship through practicing that religion.

Consider meditating together, going on retreats or pilgrimages together, or pursuing any other spiritual activities.

3. Try not to change each other. While it’s great if you and your boyfriend share similar outlooks, it’s okay if you have some beliefs that don’t completely overlap. Try to find ways to enhance each other’s spiritual beliefs, rather than try to change the way the other sees the world. If you’ve built healthy communications, created a robust emotional life together, and have laid the groundwork of a deep connection, chances are that you would have found out by now whether or not you’re spiritually compatible.

Being spiritually compatible in no way requires you to hold identical beliefs. It means that you can enhance each other and help each other become better people because your values and beliefs are in harmony, even if they’re not the same.

If you don’t participate in an organized religion but both have spiritual beliefs about the natural world, nurture your bond by deepening your connection to the natural world. Go on hikes together, travel, or pursue other means of witnessing the beauty of nature.

Find associations between these experiences and each other, and use memories of these times to deepen your feelings for each other.

4. Discuss the future as a couple. When you feel that you are close enough to think about sharing the future together, start talking about it as a couple. Imagine how the two of you can bring your lives together into shared goals, hopes, and values. Visualize where you see yourselves living, working, traveling, and having children.

Ask, "What are you goals in life? What kind of job do you want to end up with? What kind of a house do you want and where do you see yourself living? Do you want a family?"

Be sure to discuss the possibility of children, and sooner rather than later is best as you and your boyfriend become more serious. Ask how many children, if any, your partner is interested in having. Being compatible on this issue is important and is something that will cement a deep connection.

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