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'How To Test Her Love For You' - These tricks are life-changing and the best.

Even if you've been dating for a while, it might be difficult to know if someone is in love with you. However, love may take many forms, and identifying the characteristics of a long-term relationship, as well as paying attention to your girlfriend's words and behavior, might help you figure out if she loves.

For most guys,they even have spend so much in the process just to get her attention, which you can't even tell if it's genuine or fake.

Worry no more for I have come up with some trick that can be used to test if she is truly into you. Below are a few :

1. When approaching a lady for the first time, use the Try-and-error method when asking for her mobile number.

I know most of you will be asking, "what is this guy talking about?".

I used this method on my current girlfriend Louisa and that's when I realized I have a real gem in my hands and at heart.

This is how it works :

First,while asking for her phone number, don't hand it over to her to enter; instead, type it yourself. Try to repeat the number after her as she says it one after the other. Then, when you're halfway through, call out some incorrect numbers.

That's when the magic begins. If she corrects you and double-checks that you have the right contacts, it's a sign that she really wants to get to know you better - a sign that she has interest in you.

You work your way out to get her attention, love, and devotion as soon as you acquire her number. 

This level may appear to be the most tough, but trust me when I say it's a lot easier than it appears. 

She gave you the correct contacts and even double-checked that you had them, implying that she likes you. 

She might even make all the necessary efforts for you to express your feelings, propose to her, and even go out on a date with her.

Now that she is yours, and you are are dating, I can say you guys are in a comfortable lead - a step closer to becoming married couples.

Real test begins now.

2.Try to see if she can stand with you through hard times.

Though it's important to trust your own instinct and feelings for people, you need to double-check that. Most married couples don't last long because they missed a couple of steps to ensure that they have the real partners at hand

This is how it works :

As a man, the lady expects some responsibilities From you - catering for some basic needs, chop money, gifts and all the good things that make life exciting.

Once in a while, you need to disappoint her.

Come home empty handed, acting all broke and tired. Trying this for like 10 times in a month. Her reaction will help you make the right decision - that's, is she a marriage material or just a girlfriend type.

We all know girls of today can't stand too much hardship. Most of them even go ahead to date men or guys just because of they material wealth and properties.

So there you have it, try out this basic trick and you will be amaze how magical it works.

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