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Husband and wife relationship

'Leave the house if you want to live' - Family threatens wife after the burial of her husband

'Leave the house if you want to live' - Family threatens wife after the burial of her husbandh

The burial of Rodney Yamfre has been met with uncertainties that threaten the survival of his loving wife Erica Yamfre. Rodney and Erica met in 2001 and never did they depart from each other since that first day of the meeting. Both were walking in the opposite direction but ended up crashing twice before they both burst into laughter on that day. Erica was walking from work to home and Rodney was running towards a business deal he didn't want to lose. Erica had on her some books which belong to students of her class, and Rodney had his envelope of the business proposal he was going to show to the partner. Erica saw Rodney coming and he tried going the other way for Rodney who was riding a bicycle to use. But wherever Erica used it, Rodney got confused and use that same road until the two crashed each other on the narrow road.

Rodney immediately apologised and got off from his bicycle to help Erica pick the books she was carrying, but he ended up crashing Erica on the second time when he tried bending down to pick the books for her. Not knowing Erica had in mind of kneeling herself and picking the books. They laughed as they exchange names and contact details. Erica was living three miles away from Rodney, and they still found time to mingle and laugh on many occasions until their marriage in October 2005.

They had already had two children, twin girls and twin boys, before their wedding in 2005, after meeting in 2001. They became one, and whatever Rodney was doing, he made sure to contact his wife before doing it. The wife Erica became a blessing to the husband who was struggling with life before he met her. Whatever Rodney was doing, wasn't working for him, but when he met Erica, life became smooth for him and everything he did, became successful for him. Rodney was able to build three houses and owned four cars which two were company cars and the other two were his cars. Erica drove any of the four cars she wanted, throughout their marriage, and was fully in control of all the houses, even when the husband was alive. 

It was not surprising Rodney left everything in her care, after his death. Rodney who was buried in February 2021, had his will read this morning, after forty days of his burial. The reading which was started around ten in the morning ended in just thirty minutes. The wife Erica and the Two children, the twin boys and the twin girls, who make a total of four children when you separate them as twins, were made the custodian of everything Rodney had. Everything was to go to the children whiles Erica became the caretaker until the children attain the age limit to handle their father's properties. The three houses, four cars and the company were all given to the Children from the will which was read this morning. 

The family never understood why the whole enterprise of Rodney's properties should go to the wife and children. He was a member of the family and loved his external family to the extent of going to every funeral celebration, family gathering, family talks and everything the family did, they did it with consultations with Rodney, so the family was expecting even the six-bedroom house Rodney built in his hometown, going for the family but none of the properties was mentioned to be given to them. 

The anger of the family rose when the wife and the lawyers stood to live and prepare for their day's activities. The family did not accept the will that was read, because those were altered information read to them, they saw it as such. They saw the will read, to be bad for their liking and Rodney they knew won't put such a will across which gave them nothing. The family asked the lawyer to read the will again and the lawyer refused to do it, after reading it twice for the hearing of everyone. The family accused the lawyer of side walking with the wife to deceive them of their rightful possessions.

The family through the abusaupanin Okatakyie Kwame Kofie issued a warning to the wife that, if she wants to live and enjoy her life, she should not venture into the six bedrooms which Rodney had built in his hometown because that was theirs, and no one will be allowed to take that from them because that is the only thing they family can use to remember Rodney. Okatakyie Kofie further warned that the children and the wife can take everything the man left them but for the six-bedroom house in their town, the wife shouldn't try coming there. Meanwhile, the whole keys to the building are with the wife, and it was the same building she and the children lived in during the mourning of Rodney, but the family is threatening to do their worst if she dares go near that house. 

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