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She can never live without you, if you do these 5 things to her

In the search for the old medicine that will make them love you forever, there is a simple way to ensure lasting love for your loved ones.

To cultivate a deep love for a girl, you must be willing to take risks, act like her, allow her to grow spiritually and physically, and never give up trying to date.

Here are some ways in which you can make him love you forever.

1. Be respectful when you are with her.

To make her feel special to you, make sure you don’t treat her like any other friend. Do not completely change your personality, but try to be respectful and add something that touches you when you are with her. Respect means less attention than greater touch. If you have one, try the following:

-Keep the door open so she can enter first.

-Give her your jacket when it's cold.

-Take a little effort when choosing clothes and think about good hygiene.

-Avoid social ills, such as swearing or insult.

-carry her books and backpacks before classes or after school.

2. Praise her and be honest.

Commendation does well to do well. Do not continue to praise her because this is dishonest and she needs it. You should also avoid praising her for just one thing, especially his appearance because that seems to be the only thing you like about her. Instead, make sensible and varied recommendations several times a day. For example:

- “I wish I could laugh at you like this many times. She has the best smile ever. "

- "You're very supportive, it's no wonder all your friends love you."

- “It's amazing how much you read. You have to be real. "

3. Let her know that you care

It is important to let the girl know that you are still thinking about her even if you are not together. This makes her feel secure in your relationship and feels like you rere about her. You do not have to call or text every 5 minutes, just sign up at least once a day to say hello and ask how their day was.

4. Surprise her with an action of love.

To keep the relationship fresh and loving, it must be romatic and surprising so that she is not disturbed at her feet. And that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. Make your gifts, like your compliments, considerate and unique. Make her feel special and loved by trying one of the following:

- Surprise her with a playlist of love songs that will blow her mind.

- Pack a picnic, take a blanket, and take it to the park for a romantic lunch.

- Write her a love letter and keep it in her closet without her noticing it.

- Give her clothes every day to remind her how much you care for her.

5. Have fun and make her laugh.

A good relationship does not have to be complicated. Make sure you have fun together, both at the beginning of your relationship and in the future. Keep having fun together, doing things that you both enjoy, or trying something new and crazy. Remember to play her every day and kiss her after all the activities of the day.

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