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Ghanaians Laughed At Her Small Backside Picture On Facebook, Now She Got Married To An American.

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Ghanaian are surprised by the new popped up wedding pictures of a Ghanaian lady who was mocked and laughed at for posting a small butt and boobs photo of herself on social media (Facebook). But it's only on social media people valued big butt's and big boobs. In a real life who loves a lady base on that?

In 2015, this lady posted her photo on her facebook account and it went viral, everyone was laughing at her. Surprisingly the viral image reached this American who actually thought otherwise.

A few months later, this same lady was invited by the guy to America and here today, social media users are seeing her from a different dimension, wedding pictures. 

Honestly I can't blame Ghanaians for laughing at her in the first place. Social media of course is a place where people go to see crazy stuff and laugh to reduce stress after a long day. Besides, people also go on social media to learn, share and gather information. So which ever reasons you are on social media, that is your business!! 

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