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Husband and wife relationship

My wife have been beating me but I still love her- Man reveals

Not every man married to a woman likes what their wives have been doing to them every night but they can not say it.

Some have been very quiet but are not enjoying that act by their lawfully wedded wives in their marriage so they are quietly suffering.

And nowadays too many things have changed so how people handle their husbands should also change.

This man revealed the problem he is facing in his marriage in a radio interview with Auntie Naa, host of the Oyerepa Afutuo show on Oyerepa FM.

His main problem is with one person and it is just his wife who he stays with in Kumasi.

The picture of this woman was used for illustrative purposes.

While the radio interview was going on, the man said that his sweetheart, known as Agartha started acting weird towards him so he did not understand.

Not knowing that she and her elderly sister were plotting to make him poor and in the end, kill him.

The man known as George revealed that his wife went to a pastor to obtain a charm to use on him because he was cheating.

Fortunately, he obtained an audio recording of a conversation between his wife and her elderly sister about how they planned to make him poor, paralyze him, and kill him all because his wife thought he was going out with other ladies.

His wife, on the other hand, beat him severely whenever he brought up the subject. Aside from the beatings, his wife repeatedly denied him sex.

As of now Goerge, the man who shared his sad story on the Oyerepa Afutuo show on Oyerepa FM told everyone who listened to the channel that despite whatever that has happened he still loves his wife very much.

Do you think what is happening to George is normal in every marriage happening in Ghana?

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Agartha George Oyerepa Afutuo


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