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I collapsed after seeing my two children doing this in my absence.(fiction)

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A fifty five year old woman who is popularly called Madam Antie has narrated what she saw her two children doing when she came back from work.

According to this woman, when she was going to work,she heard a voice saying she should insert a private camera in her children's room.So she inserted the camera in the room.

Now,this woman moved to work.This picture is just for representation.

According to this woman,when she came back from work, she heard someone screaming in one of his children's room.She rushed to see what was going on there, As soon as she entered the room, she saw her two children mating.So she then went to take the private camera she inserted in the room and watched the full video.

After she had finished watching the video,she sacked her two children from the house to go and live together forever.

This is the end of the story.

Do you think what this woman did is the right thing to do when you see your two children doing an unexpected thing?share your oppinion in the comment section.

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