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Ghana today:A woman uses water from dead bodies to cook for customers(See details)

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We thank God for his Grace and Mercies he has showered on us that has kept us moving to this extent,there is nothing that can be said to God than to thank and praise his holy name.Indeed God is great for his care and love he has for us.

There is a woman in this country who has used the water of dead bodies to prepare food for customers for almost ten years.This woman has made money and still making money out of her food business,as a results of this,a lot of people go and eat there always because of how sumptuous her food taste.This has made people done a lot of investigation about her but did not see anything.Within some few minutes all her food will finish and cook another one for customers.This has happened for so many years,now she has been caught by the reason behind her success in her food business.

This woman owns the biggest chop bar at Afienya who sells all kinds of food,her name is (Mama Lee).The kind of food she sells include banku,rice balls,rice,kokonte and other local foods.Her issue became viral by a certain mortuary man who voiced to some customers that,he has been seeing Mama Lee at night during night working time but he did not study her movement till oneday he studied her and saw her fetching some of the water they have used to bath dead bodies,so he hided at a certain place and watched her till she finished and after that he followed her without availing himself to her.When he followed her to where she prepares her food he saw her adding the water from the dead bodies to the ordinary water she use to prepare her food,after his narration,some of the customers became angry but she was already dead.My question is,what the Mortuary man did,was it right or not?Please send your comments likes and share this article

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