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Happy Bloomers School at Agbogba Is a Well Resourced School, Saddened by Death of Its 11month Ward

The Accra Police Command nabbed a 54year old caregiver, named Clara Ayani-Ampah at a renowned and expensive crèche in Accra who vented her anger on an 11-month-old baby girl and allegedly killed her while feeding the baby.

According to the CCTV Video, which was released by the manager of the school, which has since gone viral, from the closed circuit television (CCTV) camera installed in the room at the Happy Bloomers School at Agbogba, it brought to the limelight, the wickedness of the caregiver, who was seen forcefully feeding the 11month old baby, who it can be deduced, had been tagged as stubborn by the old employed caregiver.

Currently, whiles she was arrested following a complaint the parents of the baby girl lodged over the death of the child this week, the baby has since been buried and the parents are no where close to getting over the lose of their child.

A quick search on the School , from their Facebook page clearly indicates that, this is an expensive school, as they boast of state of the art facilities. As to whether their facilities are been best utilized, that may be each individuals judgement.

I will give you an instance, how is it possible that, the care giver was maltreating the baby and no one was seated behind the installed CCTV camera's to observe the wickedness, which has since resulted in the child's death? Or was the camera installed, so that, in such a case as this, when the child has been lost, it can be only made available for arrest purpose? Your answer is as good as mine.

The School according to its page writes these about itself, "Happy Bloomers School gives children from 3 months-5 years the best foundation and learning experience for total development," and with its nicely built and expensive school environment, this could have been achieved, if for once, the caregiver, may have been well supervised.

With the schools attention concentrated therefore on the pre school, creche and kindergarten pupils, I cannot but insist that, these group of very young people, do not need teachers who was going to teach A, B, C, D, but more of caregivers, who are passionate, caring and diligent.

Every mother will agree that, children in these bracket are most curious but careful and hence, the care they need is indeed special. With the schools huge school fees that is charged and had made it literally a reserve for very few highly paid people of the upper class, the least these parents deserved was some extra attention.

This hopefully brings up the national issue of how much is paid most of these caregivers and teachers in most of our private schools. It will surprise you to know that, as little as 250-350cedis are paid to thee matured persons and also the young ladies especially employed in thousands of schools, to cater for these young wards.

I am not giving any excuse for the child's death, but if they are paid very little, clearly, there is no motivation anywhere to offer the best of care to them and it is no wonder that, many parents are loosing their kids and due to the poverty levels, which ensures that, no CCTV camera's are installed to capture these acts of wickedness or even an autopsy, may be occasioned, when a poor mother also looses the school going child easily.

It is my candid rather that, eventually, the caregiver and whoever contributed to this unnecessary death of an 11year old's life, is brought to book and made to waste away far away in Nsawam. This will surely not bring back the lose, but surely, she or whoever is involved will learn a lesson, that Karma cannot even teach them.

Content created and supplied by: MrsCelestial (via Opera News )

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