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Fly Him Abroad For Surgery Before It Is Too Late: Man Whipped By Soldiers In Critical Condition

A young man is currently battling with his life after some wild soldiers subjected him to severe beatings. According to doctors, he will need about three months of regular medical checks before he can get better. But why are they not exploring the option of flying him abroad for medical attention before it is too late?

The Young man whose name has been given as Gafur Mohamed was part of the numerous residents who suffered beatings from the rampaging soldiers at Wa. He pleaded for mercy but there were no ears to listen to him. Just after the beatings, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors indicated that his thigh bone had been fractured. Even though he had been operated on, it will take over three months for his condition to be better.

But the future is never known and hence plans are needed to be made to fly him outside the country for safety. The consequences are that the young man might not be able to walk again. Even though Medical doctors have not confirmed, it is a fifty/fifty affair. Imagine if he was a politician or the son of a prominent man in Ghana.

Most politicians will not hesitate to fly abroad in the slightest ill health. Just recently, the Finance Minister was sent to the United States of America for medical care when he allegedly contracted Coronavirus. This has been the tradition in the country but the same is not given to ordinary people except their families have the money to foot the bills.

The military high command has admitted to paying the medical bills of the young man but that is not enough. The twenty-nine-year-old man is currently in a wheelchair and his family will have no other option than to push him on errands for the next three months and over. He cannot work either can he be able to put chop money on the table to feed his family again. His dreams are currently shattered due to the negligence of some soldiers. What if after three months medical doctors at the Upper West Regional Hospital declare him paralyzed?

As soon as possible, the military high command must do their best to fly him abroad and get him the best of surgery like it happens when the politicians are sick. This will save the young man timely before the worse happens.

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