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Check Out A Moment A Lady Tries To Capture Her Uncle During Live Video Session

According to a fast trending video making waves on the social media has spotted a lady who tried to capture her uncle in a live video session to her followers. The video has raised a lot of reactions on the social media because many people believe the lady went an extra mile. Well from the look of things it is believed the young lady and her uncle were seen around a swimming pool. The lady at that moment decided to go live on the social media to capture the uncle in the video.

The lady was seen playing with the uncle but most social media users could not see it as such. The uncle was not happy after seeing the lady trying to capture him in the video. He was seen trying to punish her in the video. But all was seen as a funny way. Though there is nothing wrong with the video but how people have reacted massively to the video is quite different.

Please follow the link below to watch the full video

The social media has been a major tool for transferring information from one person to another. And for that matter anything you are posting on the social media, should be something that will have an impact on people's lives. The lady may be thinking that there is nothing wrong with her posting herself and her uncle who was half naked online. But the fact is, this can go an extra mile to destroy something important to them. What do you think, could this be an appropriate way to play with your uncle?

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