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A man nearly cut off his girlfriend's leg thought it was a snake.

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Akua Amponsah who lives with her guy in a town called Asante Akyem Asuntumirem in between Eastern region and Ashanti region has gotten a painful hurt on her leg.

Akua Amponsah wore a snake pajamas and got asleep so her one of her legs got out from the blanket therefore her boyfriend too thought it was a snake then he decided to find enemies to kill the snake otherwise it would bite his girlfriend.

Then he went out to take a Cutlass and cut the leg of his girlfriend,the lady suddenly woke up with a screaming donation saying Agyei Agyei my leg,you have hurt me but very fortunate her leg did not cut off.

Then guy took her to hospital for treatment so very soon she will come to her normal state.

Ladies always like wearing many different kinds of dressing which you can't even think about it.Is it the guy fault or the lady?

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Agyei Akua Amponsah


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