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Why Most Nigerians in Ghana will not go back to Nigeria

There is a popular saying that goes like this 'no place like home' and that no matter the benefits one get from a foreign land he must desire to go back home soon or later.

After close study and critical observations, I came to understand the fact that many Nigerians in Ghana are not ready to go back to Nigeria soon, or are even making plans to go . one may ask why? The answers are below :

1)Absolute insecurity in Nigeria. It may not interest you to know that the entity called Nigeria is gradually becoming ungovernable. From the activities of the dreaded Book Haram sects in the North to the dreaded fulani herds men that kidnap and innocent people in the west and the unknown gun men and the activities kidnapper in the south east, and high level of ritual activities going on in the south south, which Nigerian will like to leave Ghana and go home for him to die like a chicken?

2)Getting established in Ghana. Most Nigerians have become so successful and has managed to establish a good relationship with Ghanaians that they now see Ghana as their home. Despite that, they owe some retail and wholesale businesses and having big houses here and there.

3) Inter-marriage: some Nigerians in Ghana have succeeded in settling down with Ghanaian ladies, having both children and a happy home .But having heard what is happening in Nigeria, their wives and children are not ready to follow the man back to Nigeria, thereby making the man to get stuck in Ghana.

4)Steady Irregular supply of light. No Nigerian in Ghana has seen 24 hours supply of light in Nigeria before, some places in Edo state have not seen light for the past 6 months. In this case most Nigerians use generator to individually generate power. So who among them will leave Ghana and go home to stay in darkness.

Though Ghanaians are often complaining of Dumsor, but if Nigeria is to have the kind of Dumsor Ghanaians have experienced most of them if not all will go home.

I rest my case. Like and share.

Content created and supplied by: Igweolololo (via Opera News )

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