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Tension escalates between family members as burial of 39-year-old man is stopped by hospital agents

Tension escalates between family members as burial of 39-year old man is stopped by hospital agents

Whenever a man dies, family makes sure to preserve his body at the mortuary for postmortem and safe keeping. The family of Azziz Aboagye Peter, has been thrown into a day of confusion as St. Augustine's Mortuary agents came back for the body of Azziz, whiles it laid in state for viewing and burial. Azziz who was adopted at younger age by the Aboagye's, named him Peter after the death of his biological parents. Azziz was young when death took his parents on the Yendi road, and was adopted officially by Mr. Aboagye who was the best friend of Azziz's father. Azziz had no where to go after the parents death, and Mr. Aboagye couldn't allow the child to wonder around without a parent, so he took him in and protected him as his own child.

Azziz has grown to take the Aboagyes as his biological parents to the extent of naming his children with the Aboagye name, despite him having a Muslim background. He was initiated and baptized into Christianity at age six, and has since been a Christian after that. Azziz came back from UK on the first week of January 2021, and was doing well after he was been tested and all that. Nothing shown he was infested with anything right from UK to Ghana. He spent time with few friends in Accra for over a week, because he wanted to isolate before going to see his family at Asamankese. 

Azziz has since been living with the family until the 18 of February, when he complained of headaches. Mr. Aboagye thought it was the water he has been taking in Ghana, and ordered for a new water from a different water company. Azziz died on the 20 of February, Two days after complaining of the headaches. Family did not understand what happened to him and ordered for autopsy on the body. The autopsy report came in, and Azziz was confirmed to have died from heart failure. 

Family accepted their faith and moved on to prepare an immediate burial for Azziz this morning, just to be budged to a corner and the body seized. The body which was deposited at the St. Augustine's mortuary on the day of Azziz's death, on the 20th, only confirmed Azziz to have been died of heart failure. Family was shocked this morning, as they laid the body in state for burial. Azziz was taken from the mortuary yesterday, and prepared for burial this morning. He was given to a funeral conductor to dress, and family were allowed and present at the time. 

He was taken to the burial grounds at dawn around two in the morning, and opened for public viewing at four in the morning. Hospital officials from St. Augustine Mortuary stormed the family house this morning, when they confronted the family of a new revelations of Azziz's death. Hospital officials and family had over forty minutes of arguments with the family before the body was seized. The family couldn't settle their disputes with the hospital officials, because of the security agent who was present to make sure the family gave the body back to the hospital. 

Azziz has since six in the morning, been taken from the family and back to the St. Augustine Mortuary hoping for further information on the matter. A report which was handed to the family this morning, read that Azziz was infected and didn't know, and that even caused his death. The first report that was issued to the family, was a mixed up report which was for another body not that of Azziz. The family is yet to know when the burial will take place, since the body has been taken from them. St. Augustine officials did not talk about the case because of uncertainties within their reports. 

If the report is confirmed, Azziz will be buried by St. Augustine mortuary officials, in other to stop others from getting infected. The burial has since been suspended over the body seizure, though family will do a funeral sitting at noon as planned. 

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